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Today is a rather United Nations Edition, with our very special guest and good friend Thomas Miki, AKA: The Shave Tank!

Join the lads as they talk shop, answer questions and Douglas tries his darnedest to send a cryptic message to the viewing audience!

Here’s what I learned: If you’re looking for someone of similar interests and lifestyle, the more specific you can be upfront, the better. What was the last good book your read, or film you saw?

For instance, does “loves sports” mean you’re up for cross-country skiing and white-water rafting, or is it a declaration that every weekend is devoted to channel-surfing the pro and college games? Potential dates skimming your profile are more likely to respond to specifics.

And even though procreation is off the table, I picked up clear signals from the women I met online that the meter is running, so it’s best to get on with things.

It can be a tad depressing, especially if it was a “Holy Grail” razor that you have been chasing for awhile.Internet dating puts all options on the table, and a growing number of sites cater to the more mature singles crowd.My own encounters revolved around OK Cupid and Plenty of Fish, both of which are free dating sites.They can be made out of any material, and you will have the final say on the appearance of the final product.They may also offer free cleaning and other bonuses, if you purchase your rings through them.

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