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UVO supports new features that help minimize distractions on the road when getting directions, sending and receiving messages, making calls, and listening to music.

My earliest memories of this old spiritual are of singing it around the campfire in Boy Scouts, and singing it in our early Sunday School classes. Add our great rhythm section featuring Sandy Williams' bluesy guitar work, and you have a wonderfully unique backdrop for your singers.

I have tried clearing cache, manually synching email, disabling battery optimization for the email app and removing re-creating email accounts but still the problem persists.

Anyone else seen this or maybe resolved this type of issue?

I check in with my financial avatar three times a year, making sure she hasn’t started taking drugs or dating an undesirable thug. Then I look at all my checking and investment accounts and add up all those numbers, calculating my net worth. The red line is lower than the green line so far in 2017, so the evil smile remains. I’m still living on cash and haven’t touched my VTSAX yet. Shivam is our resident designer and web developer who also enjoys writing.He loves to meditate, drive on the freeways and hunt for snipers during his Call Of Duty playtime.I tried the gmail and Outlook apps and they have the same issue.What happens is when I receive new email I get a notification on the phone and if I read the email on my PC the notification remains on my phone.

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