Mandating physical education classes in schools k 12

As we touched upon yesterday, after-school sports are on the chopping block for many schools and districts facing budget cuts.

But after-school sports aren't the only endangered physical activity—physical education classes have also been trimmed due to budgetary concerns and an increased focus on test-based accountability.

However, the study also found that PE time was inversely related to recess time in the schools studied, suggesting schools replace one form of physical activity for another rather than providing the suggested amount of both.

But some educators and policymakers have concerns about physical education mandates for public schools and their impact on academic instruction.

Over the last 30 years, obesity has tripled among children and youth ages 6-19 years old, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Healthy eating and regular exercise play a crucial role in preventing obesity.

Mandate: Code 16-40-1 (1975) requires all public and private schools to “carry out a system of physical education,” with the exception of church schools.

But state leaders increasingly The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines recess as “regularly scheduled period in the school day for physical activity and play that is monitored by trained staff or volunteers.” The American Academy of Pediatrics finds recess not only offers physical benefits but cognitive, social and emotional benefits as well.

It gives students the time to play, imagine, think and socialize in ways otherwise not attainable in a classroom.either mandating or encouraging physical education, or PE, or recess.

: According to the Alabama Course of Study: Physical Education (2009), “Daily physical education is required in Grades K-8: No exceptions, no substitutions.

Recess or lunch time activities should not be substituted for the physical education program.” : The Alabama Course of Study: Physical Education (2009) specifies the required K-12 content standards for physical education and is based on the National Standards for Physical Education.

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