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I received over 200 letters, mostly from friend of friends.The letters said I was already a hero without telling me I needed to try a special diet or exercise plan.

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continue reading » Single men and women have been using our online date and personals service for over 10 years to meet friendly daters, and through our easy join process you could be meeting people in under a minute.…The Book of Nehemiah opens with a scene at Shushan, or Susa, in the twentieth year of Artaxerxes, when Nehemiah receives news of the desolate state of Jerusalem.Ezra and Nehemiah were both prominent men in their own sphere, and both apparently kept personal records, some of which are incorporated in our present Books.Dear Friend, Letters are sacred mementos we lovingly save in decorative boxes.Yet the gentle beauty of a hand-written letter seems hidden in our age of text messages and emails.

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    “The thing I used to tell myself was that we don’t know why people don’t answer,” Ettin points out.

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