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There are a ton of short articles telling you to eat some kind of new superfood to boost your testosterone, but there is a surprising shortage of real talk about how normal people (men and women) really change their lives by gaining control of their testosterone levels.

Here is my story, and some real info for both men and women.

It’s the hormone that helps you burn fat, build muscle [1], and increase your sex drive [2], and its power doesn’t stop there.

Keeping your testosterone levels in a normal range can make you happier, too [3], and testosterone can even improve your cardiovascular health and decrease your risk of mortality (from all causes!

So I told him we should just strip it down, make it simple, call it Doyle so people know what they’re getting.” Their songwriting process begins with Doyle creating guitar, bass, and drum parts for each tune.

Then Story adds vocal melodies and lyrics inspired by a list of topics Doyle’s scribbled on a scrap of paper.

I used bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy for almost a decade because I had a medical need for it, then stopped it a few years ago to make sure that it was not a confounding factor during the development of The Bulletproof Diet.

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Bulletproof is all about having massive clean energy, looking good, and living a very long time…so anabolic steroids aren’t on my roadmap.) Testosterone does a lot more than you’d think, whether we’re talking about male or female biology.I’ve been very public with my use of smart drugs like modafinil and anti-aging hormones like testosterone for years, and have talked about them with national TV reporters many times, but I’ve never written about the experience as a whole until now.Here is what I learned about bioidentical testosterone. magazine column that Joel’s been so busy getting prepared for the competition that they’ve not had much couple time recently.I think he’s a bit emotional because he’s so hungry. “He probably thinks there’s a bit of distance between us, but I know we’ll go back to normal when it’s all over and I can't wait,” she said. 12 weeks of tough prep & I'm ready to hit the stage!

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