Doing that, Timbuktu develops a series of little histories with care of the details, with kids, mothers, daughters, neighbors, which link with each other according the “crimes” they commit.In times, it seems like the filmmaker is driven by compassion for the evil doers (like the scene where one watches the Islam members dancing), but then it turns to showing a series of punishments, like the lapidating or whippings, taken from a theater of horror, and also affirming this notion of Manicheism that rules all religions.Sissako starts the film with a metonymic about hunting, which in the end is what feeds Islamism, which is constantly hunting all minimal actions that evidence a betrayal to the “system” to then punish or kill.

Examiner, audit reports, sabarkatha, dangs and jamnagar.- Preparing quarterly statements of pension- High court matter on pension- Reference of Hon.

If there exists in fact a soundtrack which looks to sublimate in a bucolic way that space of sand and dunes, Sissako realizes a film of distances and panoramic shots to give the film a quiet and soft spirit, precisely marked by the immensity of the desert, which allows to meditate on the sorrow and the certainty of the inevitability, where terrors are silenced or barely noticed.

In France people were observing world events in total confidence that such unrealistic outcomes are not possible here as we are more grounded and reasonable.

Donald Trump a sexist xenophobe made it to the White House leaving Hillary Clinton, her supporter and the world in shock.

The unexpected Brexit shaking the core of the European Union, or Russia losing its place in the Human Rights Council while the Saudi Kingdom of beheading, lapidating and belittling women kept its place.

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