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“Karen has been Matt’s personal assistant,” Amy said in a testimonial.Jinger Duggar of the Duggar family has begun courting professional soccer player Jeremy Vuolo, according to People.The couple met in May 2015 through Jinger’s sister Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald.The Duggar daughters must court potential boyfriends with their father’s approval before entering a relationship.Jeremy Dash: I got a call from a producer or somebody, saying that Damon had already agreed to do the show and that Bobby had already agreed to do the show and then when I was approached, I was very against it.

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What did it take to convince all three of you to sign up for Family Therapy?I didn’t speak with Damon about it because I didn’t f–k with him for almost a year prior to meeting each other in LA that first day.So, he told the producers he would do the show and it was their job to convince you and Bobby? “We went to the doctor’s yesterday — it’s not for sure, but all the limbs are measuring below average,” he shared.“It’s very scary because you just don’t know what the future holds,” Amy later revealed to the camera. ”It’s obvious this isn’t an outcome the 26-year-old wants for his son, but later on in the clip he revealed to his mom Amy that he’s really worried about the possibility.

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