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One of our more classic waterfront restaurants, Chart House Redondo Beach dates back to 1969.It's easy to see why guests love this gorgeous seafood restaurant - the waves practically break right at the table.From the 13th century they started to use the Hebrew script to write their language, which linguists refer to as Judeo-German or occasionally Proto-Yiddish.The earliest known fragment of Judeo-German is a rhyming couplet in a Hebrew prayer book dating from 1272 or 1273.The name Yiddish is probably an abbreviated version of ), which means "Jewish German".

If you're not nodding in agreement, it's because you're attached and have no single friends forced down into society's deep dark bowels of what is called online dating. Now, one blogger has managed to capture that very accurate singleton account in a rather entertaining illustration. I was feeling good and made a little illustration about my internet dating cycle. ” or “successfully land a boyfriend.” Obviously I haven’t figured out how to do that.During subsequent centuries, Judeo-German gradually developed into a distinct language, Yiddish, with two main dialects: Western Yiddish, which was widely spoken in Central Europe until the 18th century, and Eastern Yiddish, which was spoken throughout Eastern Europe and Russia/USSR until World War II.Launched in 1998, Caffmos is one of the longest running, established intergenerational gay dating sites on the web.We also have a gay travel section which lists gay friendly holiday accommodation, hotels, gay bars, saunas and cruises.You can also search for travel companions to save those single supplements or holiday meets.

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