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From my perspective I did not find giving spankings to be arousing, beyond simply the act of touching their bare bottoms which is not surprising since I consider the female bottom to be the single most erotic female body part.

Trust and communication between partners is essential--and tons of lube help a lot, too. The following guide is intended for consenting adult partners who wish to engage in this act, and we assume no responsibility for possible injuries caused by or to those attempting it.

When a woman becomes aroused, her vagina relaxes, expands, and lengthensall very important for accommodating a fist.

Also, make sure your hand is very clean and your nails closely trimmed.

The standard versions are specified for operation up to 11 GHz, although precision versions are available for operation to 18GHz.

The N-type coaxial connector is used for many radio frequency applications including broadcast and communications equipment where its power handling capability enables it to be used for medium power transmitters, however it is also used for many receivers and general RF applications. Not only are there plugs and sockets but there are also adapters and also other items such as attenuators.

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