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This includes discussions of the philosophy and basic principles involved and reasons why implementation in your school can yield direct and effective results.

This is so because this technique will neglect the interests of both parties. This style can be used when the issue is not as important as the relationship, or if there is limited time or resources available.

To help navigate when it is best to deal with conflict, this post will describe five conflict management techniques and their implications. Conflict Management Techniques The chart below shows the five conflict management styles. Thompson also offers one rule of thumb, “How important is the issue? ” Forcing is an assertive and uncooperative technique.

These include forcing, avoiding, compromising, accommodating, and collaborating. On the vertical axis, there is unassertive techniques that include avoiding and accommodating, and there are assertive techniques that include forcing and collaborating. To use forcing, one uses their formal authority, coercion, or bullying to get their way.

You can also use it as an opportunity to transform the situation into something better.

The Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument is a model for handling conflict: The model organizes 5 conflict management styles based on two dimensions: assertiveness and cooperativeness. Kilmann: By knowing your own default patterns you improve your self-awareness.

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